"Discount per action" platform for Glass that allows:

save money

for customers

get clients

for business

How it works

For customer:

You simply tell your Glass: "Ok Glass, save money on buying jeans" (for example). And it gives you a list of stores where you can get a discount for some action (like sharing a photo with a pair of jeans or for check-in inside the shop). You come to the shop, perform an action and get a discount! Simple and awesome.

For business:

You want to tell everybody about a great new product that just arrived at your shop. Open, upload product info, specify discount and action (like "tweet about my shop" or "share a picture of a product"). And look how you get a lot of new customers! Simple and awesome.

I like it

You can make it happen

It's a "startup pitch" page for

My goal is to attract their attention to the project. However, if they won't notice me, I'll start it anyway.


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